• Some thoughts escape, some are caught. Some are probably best forgotten.
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So Much for Big Ideas

I have a marvelous idea for a novel. Suspense. Moral dilemma. Character crisis. It’s going to be great. And in the past 4 months I’ve managed to write 6 pages. I’m suddenly reminded of why I have never completed a book. I seem to lack the focus and attention span required to write anything beyond … Continue reading

Good beginnings

I’ve started and stopped writing at least 4 books in the past 5 years. Two books were memoirs, two were fictional and one was more about other people than myself. I still might flesh out the stories now that I will soon have spare time on my hands. For now, though, all I have to … Continue reading


Ok, I’m crazy. I really, really am crazy. Right? That and I’m caffeinated. That always makes for a fun conversation. Anyway, I resigned this week. Yep. Just walked right in and meekly told my boss something about “God told me such and such.” Or was it “Good God, I quit”? I can’t remember. And now … Continue reading