So Much for Big Ideas

I have a marvelous idea for a novel. Suspense. Moral dilemma. Character crisis. It’s going to be great. And in the past 4 months I’ve managed to write 6 pages.

I’m suddenly reminded of why I have never completed a book. I seem to lack the focus and attention span required to write anything beyond a 10 page article.

Perhaps I should stick to children’s books and magazine articles. But then these ideas come to me that beg to be scripted into a novel. I have thought of at least 5 plots for future best-sellers. I even know how to begin and how to end. It’s the stuff in the middle that seems to bog me down.

My husband laughs at my lack of patience when it comes to creating or discovering a story. I am the person who reads the last chapter of a book after finishing the first chapter. I am the person who complains about the middle 150 pages of a 250 page novel – who cares about scenery descriptions and foundational character flaws? I also am the person who finishes a 2-hr movie in 2 days by watching 30 min. clips here and there.

I truly hope I can override my natural tendency for impatience and flightiness. Because these characters continue to whisper their thoughts and ideas to me, pestering me to give words to their struggles. Perhaps it’s time to start writing again.


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