Good beginnings

I’ve started and stopped writing at least 4 books in the past 5 years. Two books were memoirs, two were fictional and one was more about other people than myself. I still might flesh out the stories now that I will soon have spare time on my hands. For now, though, all I have to show for my efforts is one fine introduction:

Everyone has a story to tell.

The first time I heard this statement it instantly rang true with my spirit. My experience as a journalist further proved that if you dig deep enough into any person’s life, stories of heartbreak and triumph are bound to bubble forth like a river no longer blocked by debris. I often found it difficult to be sent to cover one story because I inevitably unearthed dozens of other stories that yearned to be told.

And so it is with this book. Perhaps the story you read gently trickled to the surface through casual conversation. Or perhaps it was presented with vulnerability before an intimate group of friends, allowing a cleansing catharsis to wash through their souls. However the stories floated to the surface, they are now here for you to drink in.

Each story is told by the person who experienced it. They have removed the dams that held the stories within to courageously expose their struggle. They share the pains, fears, doubts, criticisms and frustration they experienced. But ultimately, they share the glory of triumph that comes from receiving a promise from God and walking by faith until the promise becomes reality.

This is their story of living the promise.


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