Ok, I’m crazy. I really, really am crazy. Right? That and I’m caffeinated. That always makes for a fun conversation. Anyway, I resigned this week. Yep. Just walked right in and meekly told my boss something about “God told me such and such.” Or was it “Good God, I quit”? I can’t remember. And now I’m going to be a stay at home mother.

And a fledgling writer.

I’ve decided to pursue writing again and have bought several books and magazines on how to be a freelance writer without embarrassing your children. This should be fun.

But already I’ve made contact with a few people who might be interested in utilizing my skills, and no – neither of them are relatives.

So if you are reading this and might need help with writing an advertisement, news release, cultural profile or obituary, please keep me in mind. I promise to lay off the caffeine.

One Response to “Blog”
  1. Chris DeRoco says:

    In light of this week’s discussion topic on afraid to do something risky, you are our hero! looking forward to seeing how things unfold.


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